Commonwealth Games Village, Melbourne

//Commonwealth Games Village, Melbourne
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Project Description

Buckner Built won the contract to construct housing and temporary infrastructure
to accommodate various facilities for the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

This project included 176 houses as well as the refurbishment of 20 other venues around Victoria, which were refurbished to suit various building roles throughout each site.

Construction was undertaken for the client, Melbourne 2006,under the VBIA and broke new ground in the implementation of WorkSafe policies between domestic and industrial construction methods.

Ongoing works also commissioned by Melbourne 2006 included refurbishment of existing structures and the erection and dismantling of temporary structures to accommodate athletes in the village. These facilities, housed in what was the largest marquee erected in Australia, included a main dining area (delivering 12,000 meals a day); a religious centre, a medical centre and clinical services.

The work involved a broad spread of trades, tight deadlines, and the ability to operate within strict government guidelines.